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Best Hotels in Florence

Firenze Camping In Town
8.6 Very good 13147 reviews
From $ 80 View Deal
Plus Florence
8.3 Very good 11141 reviews

Plus Florence

Budget Hotel

From $ 77 View Deal
TSH Florence Lavagnini
8.9 Very good 4035 reviews

TSH Florence Lavagnini

Luxury Hotel

From $ 114 View Deal
B&B Le Stanze del Duomo
8.8 Very good 3955 reviews
From $ 81 View Deal
c-hotels Ambasciatori
8.7 Very good 3699 reviews

c-hotels Ambasciatori

Pets Friendly Hotel

From $ 90 View Deal
Hotel Machiavelli Palace
8.2 Very good 3420 reviews

Hotel Machiavelli Palace

Pets Friendly Hotel

From $ 61 View Deal
Hotel Paganini
8.0 Very good 3358 reviews

Hotel Paganini

Free Airport Shuttle

From $ 76 View Deal
Hotel Delle Nazioni
8.2 Very good 3278 reviews

Hotel Delle Nazioni

Free Parking

From $ 107 View Deal

2 Stars and Below

Hostel Archi Rossi
8.8 Very good 3218 reviews
Hotel St. James
8.4 Very good 2906 reviews
Hotel Bodoni
8.2 Very good 2551 reviews
ApartHotel Quadra Key
8.6 Very good 2372 reviews

3 Stars Hotels

Hotel Paris
8.3 Very good 2883 reviews
Hotel Alba Palace
8.9 Very good 2033 reviews
Hotel Cantoria
8.0 Very good 1763 reviews
Hotel Basilea
7.8 Good 1756 reviews

4 Stars and Above

Villa Royal
8.8 Very good 2720 reviews
Italiana Hotels Florence
7.7 Good 2391 reviews
Hotel Atlantic Palace
8.5 Very good 2368 reviews
Grand Hotel Adriatico
8.5 Very good 2317 reviews

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  • 5 passengers
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Chrysler Pacifica

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  • 2 passengers
  • Convertible
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