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Europe -The Continent of Rising Sun!

By Nick K, Posted on 09 Oct, 2021 at 01:53 am

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Europe -The Continent of Rising Sun!

This Northern Hemisphere-located continent is packed with 44 mind-blowing countries which have their own worth. From the Eiffel Tower of Paris to the Colosseum of Rome, Pisa Tower to the scenic island, every bit of this continent is full of amusement. Europe is the second smallest continent having many worth visiting countries, which makes it the largest sub-continent. Europe is the continent that comes first in mind while planning any trip; either it is a honeymoon or family vacation, everyone wants to go there. Let's go to emphasize some top-notch landmarks of Europe.

Best places to visit in Europe

Either this is France, Italy, England, or Germany, every country of Europe is full of lively cities – which are well known because of their top-notch restaurants, parks, museums, vibrant nightlife, and architecture. So, obviously, it’s difficult to select the best one to spend a vacation. That’s why our travel guide finds some top-notch tourist attractions of Europe – along with both the expert and local tourist recommendations. Hopefully, this list may be helpful for you to select the best one for your next trip, and don’t forget to cast your vote to your favorite spot below, so it can be beneficial to make next year’s list.

(Note: maybe some of these destinations distressed by this outbreak of coronavirus, keep in touch with CDC and Department of State-US for the current situation of these countries before visiting)

Paris-The city of Love

Do you want to have a spectacular time with your loved one? Head to Paris, either this is your honeymoon or family trip, you’ll find all the things here. There are ample vibrant museums, churches, historic buildings, and monuments. The spectacular spots of this city can occupy all of your vacations by keeping you to adore these sights like the Iron lady-Eiffel Tower, casting through parades at Louver, and walking through the breathtaking gardens adorning beautiful flowers at Luxembourg green space Gardens. Take out some of your time to admiring people-watching and eating fresh buttery croissants at cafeterias. Once the sunset, the spectacular nightlife rises, see another look of Paris, and sit down at restaurants for a French meal along with the unique beers and wines.

London-The Swinging City

Admire the exceptional British galleries and museums, live music in the district theater known as The West End, see the London’s Tower and eat fresh fish and crispy chips, and Sunday special roast at vibrant local pubs. Reserve your rooms at the top-notch hotels of London and enjoy British luxuries or save your money by booking vacation rentals.

Rome- The Land of Seven Peaks

Experience this world’s famous and oldest country in Europe. This is a can’t-miss landmark with the fresh aroma of Italian foods wafts from the streets, sightseeing historical wonders that stand glamorously at every corner. And don’t miss to visit at Colosseum, Sistine Chapel, inspirational Roman Forum, and Trevu Fountain; without exploring these sites, your itinerary isn't complete.

Florence- The City of Lilies

If you’re looking for a place to feel the aroma of flowers, then visit Florence, the city of flowers, which boasts outclass museums, art galleries, vibrant architecture, and lip-smacking cuisine. Admire David Michelangelo at Accademia Gallery, see the stunning view of waterways and the city from Ponte Vecchio and uphill to the topmost of Duomo. Once the sunset happens, stock up at many outdoor charming restaurants and taste unique meat dishes with the cheese or taste unique gelato or pizza of this city.

 Barcelona-The city of Lively Nightlife

Barcelona, the city of Spain, boasts top-notch architecture, stretch coastlines, museums, and many more. Admire Guell Park of Antoni Gaudi, and De la Basilica, the wonders of these spots are beyond your expectations, thanks to vibrant historic buildings in the Medieval Quarter. For a short break from the historic site, sink your toes in the La Barceloneta Beach or take a bite of delicious tapas at Market of Boqueria or drink sangria at Las Ramblas.

 Swiss Alps-The land of Paradisal Peaks

Are you a nature enthusiast? Head to Swiss Alps, Switzerland. This is a land of many long Peaks covered with snow; it is an ideal place for many winter games. From skiing, snowboarding, to hiking there are many dominant regions for winter games. Enjoy quaint towns, beautiful tranquil lakes, and stunning scenery. There is no shortage of luxurious peak resorts, which make this city a playland for travelers of all ages. Plus, a visit to the Swiss Alps isn’t complete without eating warm goat cheesy fondue.

 An Amsterdam-The city which has it all!

Amsterdam is a breathtaking city with vibrant coffee shops. This is a perfect spot for the bikers having many biking tracks passing from many museums like Van Gogh, Resistance Dutch and Museums of Rembrandt House, many historic buildings like Anne Frank House, and many stylish city streets and alleyways. Spend a day at Vondel Park and order your lunch or take a longboat tour and explore the many aesthetic canals of this city or rest your feet in the water.

 Santorini- the Wine Island with Blue ascent!

Admire this little Greek island which has many volcanic landmarks, soul-soothing shorelines, and picturesque stunning architecture. Relish the antique view of the blue sea and take some Insta-worthy pictures at whitewashed buildings at Sky-high Oia Village. Head to feel calm into Kamari Beach, having unique jet-black dunes, or visit Red Beach and see vivid red dunes here and admire the blessing of God. And don't miss to tickle your taste with the delectable vino of the island at many local wineries which produce handmade vines from the grapes which are grown under the volcanic soil.

 Amalfi Coast- The Lemon City of Italy

Adore the wonders of the beach at Amalfi Coast, Italy. This is a must-visited spot in Europe to see the Mediterranean Sea with volcanic cliff-side districts. If you are a hiker, spend much of your time at 4 miles long hiking tracks of Vallone Ferrier Delle or exploring the dreamy Positano Streets or stroll down to adore hidden gems of this city like the beach of Fiordo di Furore. For admiring more wonders of this coastline, take a boat tour which passes from many mind-blowing sites like Emerald Grotto and Marmorata, where you can keep your eyes out to see the wonderful waterfalls.

 Prague- The City of Hundred Spires

Explore this real-life fairy tale town, where everything is beyond expectations. Once you visit this city of hundreds of spires, you'll question yourself why you didn’t come here before. This is a town of many gothic architectural buildings and lively heaven of Old Suqare Town, and make sure to take the Prague Castle tour or stroll down to Charles Bridge. This is a land of many outclass food and drinks corners, having many public transportation facilities and accommodations which make this city a perfect budget visiting city of Europe.

 Venice- The Floating City

Adore the dreamy lands of this floating city. There are many things for travelers of all ages. From charming floating canals, stunning historic sites, vibrant architecture to delectable restaurants, all the things are enough to make your itinerary fun-packed. To see the architectural wonders, visit the St. Basilica Mark, or to see the world’s famous site, stroll down to the Rialto Bridge or take some snaps in front of Sighs Bridge. This extremely prevalent spot brings massive crowds, mainly in the summer season when the reflection of sun rays gives a very splendid look to this city. There is no shortage of hotels, budget rental, and gondola rides, so you can explore this city in a pocket-friendly manner.

 Athens-The Violet-Crowned City

Are you a history enthusiast? Plan your vacation to visit Athens, which is a landmark having many inspiring historical sites and has many sightseeing architecture and historical sites. Explore laid-back Greek lifestyle and enjoy delectable foods. Keep in mind to stroll down to the Plaka neighborhood, which is a perfect point to find top-notch restaurants, cafeterias, stunning shops, and many whitewashed buildings. Once you visit here, you’ll not regret your decision.

 Cyprus-The island of Love!

Explore this nostalgic island of Turkey’s coast. It is not only famous among foreigners but also preferred by many Europeans because of its shorelines and Western Islands. This city is full of many outclass historical destinations and many natural wonders that make this city a worth visiting spot. Take away your worries by diving into one of the best Cyprus beaches or take a bath in Adonis Baths. Don’t forget to explore Archeological Kato Paphos Park, which is the most famous and UNESCO world heritage site and was the oldest part of this city dates back to almost 4th B.C.

 Vienna-The City of Dreams

Spend quality time with all the sightseeing attractions of Vienna. This is the most-visited city in Australia and is well known because of its monarchies and music. Explore the world’s oldest zoo at Habsburg Schonbrunn Palace and its Tiergarten. If you are an art enthusiast, don’t miss to visit Quartier Museum Wein to check out display art stuff at Modern Art Museum. Or if you are a music lover, enjoy the musical night at Music House or watch musical performances or shows at Opera Hall.

 Madrid-The City of Bustling Life!

Madrid is the capital city of Spain and is full of many stunning architectures, outclass museums, vibrant nightlife, luxurious hotels, delectable eateries, cafeteria, and whatnot. You can taste many Spanish drinks or satisfy your appetite with Spanish foods. Save your time to see the Flamenco Show, and don’t miss enjoying soccer matches at Real Madrid, too. Stroll down at El Retiro Park and take an amazing Royal Palace tour before leaving, which is the residence of the Royal Family of Spain.

 Dublin-The Big Smoke City

Save some of your time to explore this Irish city, which has many vocational values. This is a spot for beer and wine drinkers, artistic hounds, and history enthusiasts. Thanks to the Storehouse of Guinness and Jameson Bow Distillery, which vaunt plethora of bars in this city. To taste unique Dublin drinks, head to the Temple District Bar, or if you are not a drinker, head to the Kilmainham Goal, National Gallery, and Cathedral of St.Patrick.

 Stockholm-The Cool City!

Stockholm is the cold capital of Sweden and is one of the best places to go in Europe. There are plenty of things to do in all four seasons. If you want to explore this city under the shining rays of the sun, visit in the summer season. When you can opt for many outdoor activities like boating or a visit to Djurgarden Park, furthermore, save some of your time to admire the charms of Oldtown, which has unique cobblestone streets and many top-notch attractions like the Nobel Prize Museum and Royal Palace.

 Budapest-Explore the Heart of Europe!

Enjoy this Capital city of Hungary which is filled with many elegant monuments, vibrant museums, and many religious sites. To adore the architectural wonders of this city, head to the Fisherman's Bastion to see the up-look view of this city from the Terrace of this building. Then head to the Hungarian Parliament or River Danube for more wonders. No visit is complete without soaking yourself at the world-famous thermal springs of this city.

 The Azores-The Dreamy Green Island

Admire the wonders of the coast at this one of the best holiday destinations in Europe. There are many worlds’ famous spots like Sao Miguel, which is the largest and most-visited island. This city has many natural wonders that are waiting to be explored, like Furnas Valley and vibrant Sete Cidades. Hop to explore Portugal Peaks, mainly Pico Mountain, and far-off coastlines like Almoxarife Praia Do and Porto Pim. And don’t miss to venture out to one of the best Atlantic beaches and see whale preserve.

 Berlin- The City Brimming with A River of History!

After the Berlin Wall fall, this Capital city of Germany vaunt everything back either this is museum, monuments or clubs and bars. If you are a history fan, check out the history collection at Murdered Jews Memorial, Terror Topography, Gate of Brandenburg, and Charlie Museum, while if you’re an art buff, don’t miss checking out the Island Museum, which is the UNESCO world heritage spot having five elegant collections of museums.

 Munich-The Paradise of Vendors

Maybe this is the most expensive landmark in Germany but is an elegant spot with the Paradisal feelings. There is a fair amount of pocket-friendly activities to do and many top-notch free attractions like English Garden, many vibrant churches, Marienplatz, and many street performances. There are many lush vendors and eateries which offer bratwursts and unique beers. To taste true German beer, head to the Biegartens, where you'll find a variety of German beers.

 Copenhagen-The City of Mountains

Relish this European country that has it all. From world-class art collections and elegant historic site which includes many museums and buildings to incredible palaces and castles, this city has all the things. Don’t miss Christiansburg Palace and Tivoli Amusement Park and Garden. Must visit at neighborhood Nyhavn to admire the culture of this city. This is a city of many eye-catching spots, including its stunning architectural buildings and Skyline Rivers. You can opt for biking and can reserve your ride from many bike rentals or can take Segway and walking tours.

 Istanbul-The City of World’s Desire

Enjoy a dreamy time in this city of Turkey. This is an ancient city that boasts many modern-day collections and things. The Grand Bazar of this city attracts the flocks of shopaholics. If you’re a party-goer, stroll to the nightclubs at night and enjoy many unique cocktails and light drinks here. To adore the top-notch sites of this city, visit the Blue Mosque and Suleiman Mosque, and don’t miss to take the snap in front of these historic sites.

 Seville-The City Where Wonders are Waiting to be Explored!

Experience this another one of the best places to visit in Europe, which sits in Spain. This is an Andalusia Jewel and has many smattering antique marvels of architecture such as Espana Plaza, Alcar Real, and many more. Stroll down through quaint and vibrant Barrio Santa Cruz and soak up at Guadalquivir River.

 Reykjavik-The Land of Fire

Reykjavik, the largest city of Iceland, is a getaway of many natural wonders of the country. Hop in your car and drive to explore the Golden Circle and see many sightseeing spots, which include Thingvellir Park, Gull Foss waterfall, and Geyser Strokkur. To experience the unforgettable view of this city, visit in September or April.

In a nutshell, we can say that Europe is a state which has many things to do and many attractions to see. From adventures seeker, art lovers, music fans to history enthusiasts, all kinds of tourists can enjoy here.

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