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Top 9 Incredible, Free Things to do in Paris

By Amelia Gibson, Posted on 31 Oct, 2021 at 08:21 am

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Top 9 Incredible, Free Things to do in Paris

Welcome to the city of love, bustling museums and galleries!

Paris is the city where soulmates meet, is the capital city of France. If there's talking about a world tour or honeymoon, Paris is the first city that pops into the mind. This is the second worth visiting the city of Europe. This city gives the impression to have a scheme especially for the fun of its tourists. Its streets, districts, buildings, monuments, and gardens beckon travelers to come back again, and indeed, many do. The reason that is making it the apple of everyone's eye is the Eiffel Tower. Many Instagrammers and others visit this tower to take some worthy pictures in front of this tower, while some come to relax. If we are talking about peaceful sites, historical monuments, and the sparkling nightlife, this city has it all. From Notre-Dame Cathedral, Montparnasse Tower to bars and clubs, here you'll find all the things essential for ideal vacations.

While Paris is well-known for its diverse cultural and dense artistic network, exhibition Halls, architecture, museums, or music, even the city designing has many stories to say and is surrounded by anecdotes and fairytales. Its classical aesthetic music is perfect for quenching your soul thirst.

If you're waiting to see the lively nightlife in this city, so your wait is over, this City of Life presents many night bars and clubs in its 20 vibrant neighborhoods. There are many world-famous night bars like Pigalle, Lulu White, and more. It is always a perfect time to explore Paris because here you'll find many Cheap Hotels in Paris in all seasons. From motels. Condotels, to Budget Hotels like Hotel Brady, Berne Opera, Grand Hotel Chicago Paris, and more, you can book the best one of your choices.

Free places to see in Paris

Glossy and sophisticated, Paris isn’t well-known for being a shoddy date, but the City of Love has a heap of joy and free charming attractions even the budget tourists can also enjoy here, from free-access museums to frenzied shopping areas and beach-side leisurely walks. This is a city where everything is remarkable, from the street to the top-notch attractions, every bit of this city is worth visiting. Here are some of the free Paris Places to Visit for your ease!

Sacré -Coeur Basilica

Experience this Roman Catholic Church of Paris, located at the top of Montmartre hill, and supervise the city. The design of this church is unique, especially its white dome that is the architectural combination of Roman and Byzantine. Here you’ll see a beautiful highest done located in the center of this church which is considered the second-highest spot after the Eiffel Tower in Paris. You can see the spectacular view of this city from here. Some tourists love to sit on the grass and get the sun's glory while some love to see the musical concerts in the evening which are performed in front of this church.

Basilica of Sacred Heart of Paris

This church is a small Roman Catholic Church of Paris. This is the most famous church in Paris, located at the top of Montmartre Butte Mountain, which is considered the highest point of Paris. The Sacre Coeur Basilica (Sacred Heart Basilica) is not only a religious building, but it is also a governmental and cultural memorial. This is the most historic Church of Paris, and its construction was started in 1875 and ended in 1914.

Cafetiere Du Pere Lachaise

This is the largest cemetery in France and is called the Cemetery of East. This cemetery is situated in the 20th arrondissement and is the world’s famous cemetery. Many overseas celebrities and Eminent French residents who promoted the culture of France are buried at this place. Here you’ll see 69,00 finely tombstones which attract thousands of tourists every year. You’ll also recognize some of the stars like Rossini, Wilde, Balzac, Chopin, and more here. Artworks well design the tombstones, and many attractive stone statues are located all around and decorated with flowers. The overall atmosphere of this place is quite peaceful rather than gloomy. Here you'll find the tomb of singer Jim Morrison, many of his fans come here to visit every year.

Pere Lachaise Cemetery

Bring your camera handy while you are visiting Paris, because here you’ll find many picturesque spots like Lachaise Cemetery. This is the largest and most famous cemetery in Paris, attracting roughly 3.5 million tourists every year. This is the world’s most visited spot and is located on the Avenue of Menimont. There are many graves, but Chopin's Grave is the most famous and most flowering one. Some of the Cheap Hotels in Paris are located around this place, like ibis Pere-Lachaise Hotel, Bridget Hotel, Hipotel Pere-Lachaise Hotel, and many more.

Marche Aux Puces De Saint-Ouen

If you’re looking for the Flea Market, stop at Marche Aux Puces De Saint-Ouen. Here you’ll see Vernaison Market, which is located at the Rosiers des Rue 99 – and here, many traditional vendors sales many novelties, including antique dolls, old-fashioned furniture, tableware, and many more. Furthermore, to sooth yourself, head to the Chez Louisette. Plus, here you'll find Dauphine Market, which is the newest market, where you can buy vintage dresses, antique book collection, old projectors of films and wines. Head to the Paul Bert Serpette market located at 110 Road of Rue es Rosiers, a favorite trove for art enthusiasts and is a site to see the nightlife of Paris. At this market, you’ll see 19th-century antique furniture, paintings, and Napoleon III Bronzes.

The Aligre Market

Are you a foodie type? Head to this market, near to the Place de la Bastille. Located in the 12th arrondissement and shows the traditional style of Paris. This is a farmer’s market where everything is very affordable. This is an open-air market and is considered a Farmer Market for citizens of Paris. The street near this market has enough food shops which sell North American pieces of bread, unique French cheese, traditional wines, delicious chocolate, many unique seafood-like oysters, wet fish, and more. Tickle your taste bud with traditional tea, pastries, not to mention spices and organics loaves of bread. Plus, you can dine at many African and Asian eateries, and don’t miss tasting unique mint tea at the cafeterias of this market.

Parc Des Buttes-Chaumont

This park is located in Paris at 19th arrondissement. Parc Des Buttes-Chaumont an old park and was the torture spot and a garbage dump, but Napoleon III has completely transformed this area into an English-style Garden and Park. Now here you’ll see a Roman Design Tower and can see the panoramic view of this city from the top of this tower. The entrance is from the park's base; then you'll see a government office, then jump to see the artificial lake. Head to the Rosa Bonheur to taste your favorite drinks and for dancing, or you can take a sip of coffee from a coffee shop.

Cemetery of Montparnasse

This is the third-largest burial area in Paris, where many intellectual elites of France are buried. From Maupassant and Beauvoir, they were writer, engineer Citroen to renowned poet Baudelaire and existential philosopher Sartre. When you move in, you'll first see the tomb of Sarte and his wife, where you can read their date of birth, death, and history written in their memorial. You'll see a white clean, and solemn tomb here. This is the main reason why tourists love to visit this cemetery. Plus, you'll also see the tombs of many brave firefighters and policeman's graves who have passed away in public services.

Carnavalet Museum

Explore the spectacular history of Paris at this 3rd arrondissement located museum. Here you'll see much history-telling stuff if the display in 100 plus rooms. Each room in Carnavalet Museum exhibits many collections from the primeval period to the French Revolution like Bastille's Key, a coffin shape ring containing the hair lock of King Louis XVI, and many Archeological remnants, including the canoe building, which was built by Neolithic citizen's first group. After exploring the museum, head to the Place des Vosges, the first square planned in Paris, where you'll enjoy the sunshine by sitting on the lawns and garden or can shop here.

Stepping into this short-lived city takes you from flurry to romanticism and will leave you with lasting memories. This is a real-life fairytale city where everything is extraordinarily beautiful. This is a constantly developing city; what you find today will completely change tomorrow. So don't forget to bring your handy camera while visiting here and save all of your memories.

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