Amsterdam Travel Guide

By Amelia Gibson, Posted on 29 Oct, 2021 at 08:37 am

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Cobble-stone lanes, phenomenal canals, flower-embellished bridges are the beautiful aspects that all together create Amsterdam. This mind-blowing city is the best invite to romance seekers, couples, history enthusiasts, luxury lover travelers, and backpackers.

A big thanks to the everlasting sense of the history whose shades never go away. Apart from that, there are a variety of cultural attractions like The Concertgebouw and the Anne Frank House, leafy parks, and mesmerizing shops. The unforgettable bicycle tours, flourishing art scenes, and top-notch museums are some fun-filled activities. However, sitting outside on the sidewalk cafes and strolling around the quaint cafes seems appealing, so we decided not to bother your daytime itinerary by stuffing it over the top. Moreover, the burgeoning culinary scene on the F&B attracts people in bulk to its high-end restaurants, where every meal ultimately turns into a gourmet adventure. As the dark begins to cover the daylight fascinatingly, you won’t find a lack of things to do.

Just imagine; chockablock bars, snuggly speakeasies, and a number of nightclubs, and how can we forget the star of this city, “the coffee shops.”

You can say that no matter whatever you demand, Amsterdam is sure to give it all, even if it’s a European getaway's exemplary vacation you have asked for!

Find more about this city with our Amsterdam Travel Guide and get lost in the legendary attractions and nature!

Time Zone

The time zone of Amsterdam is the Central European Time abbreviated as CET.  

Best Time to Go

  • Every season has its own way of pleasing visitors in Amsterdam. Plus, what season do you like the most, you will love it in that season too, so it depends.
  • One of the best seasons is the "late Spring." At this time, most people hit this spot. And if the temperature is mild, there is no better season to discover the hidden gems of the countryside and ride a bike around the city.
  • In early April, the fabled tulips create a soothing touch on the heart of visitors. As they start to bloom, the city begins to blossom. On April 27, a King’s Day carnival is held, which is the major reason for the big draw.
  • As this city is nicknamed “Venice Of The North," so oceanic climate also prevails here. And that means the city never gets extremely hot.
  • When the early fall comes around, it comes with a number of lovely opportunities and pleasant temperatures so that you can happily enjoy some time outdoors.
  • Mostly, visitors don’t like the wintertime. We know that winter comes along with a frosty temperature and short days, but still, this season has its own worth. Dream up; the fewer crowds around the coruscating frozen canals with a high spirit of holidays. Sounds pretty good! Moreover, you can lay your hands on amazing deals on hotels and airfare during this period.

Things to Know

Before your trip to Amsterdam, make sure that you know the following three major things!

How to Get Around

Getting around in Amsterdam is not a difficult task; there are a variety of public transports to help you, but this city can be best navigated on foot. But if you don’t want to let your feet get tired, no worries! We have found you some ways. Look below!


One of the most economical ways to travel around the city center is the trams. The phenomenal white-and-blue trams are the most reliable option in Amsterdam. The Amsterdam Central Station is the convening point of 14 lines which is also known as the main transportation hub of this city.


There are 35 lines of a bus system that are expansive and efficient. If you want to catch a flight, simply get on the shuttle that operates between the city center and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol after every 15 minutes. Moreover, these trams and metros run between 6 in the morning and 12:30 in the afternoon, so if you are planning to spend an evening out, buses are here at your service.


The GVB is operating the ferries just like the metros, buses, and trams. The connections beyond the North Sea Canal (Noordzeekanaal) cost per trip around $ 1.50. But, if you don't want to splurge your money on ferries, opt for the boats across the IJ river that won’t cost anything.


If you wish to get around the outlying suburbs, the metro is the best way for you. It consists of 5 routes and serves thirty-nine routes.


Wanna stick to Centrum? You don’t need to drive, just hail an Uber, and it will take you to your requested outer boroughs. Try out this feature of ridesharing and take advantage of it as your fare will be reduced by half!


One of the easy-to-use options for a trip to the next-door cities or countryside is the trains, the Netherland’s impressive railway network.


Bicycles? Yes, we know! It doesn't fall under public transportation, but behave as locals do if you are in Amsterdam; it's fun. Hire a bike to get around as it is one of the best ways to catch the sights of this scenic city.

A Perfect Travel Home Of Your Choice!

If you are not sure where to stay in Amsterdam, you don't have to worry about it; we have got you. Below are the top 6 hotels where you can stay in peace and with comfort. Let's explore what these hotels have to offer you!

Olympic Hotel

12 Ijsbaanpad, Amsterdam, Netherlands

rates from $ 83.5

Olympic Hotel Amsterdam sits on the prime location, offering chic adorned rooms to business, leisure travelers, and athletes. Relish the mind-boggling vistas of the lake Nieuwe Meer, the surrounding sports field, Olympic Stadium, and a lot more as soon as you start your morning from the large glass walls and avail yourself of the top deals, including breakfast. All the rooms serve as a perfect base to get an escape from the hurly-burly of the city, embellished with an equal amount of love and care. Rustle up some food in the healthy kitchen or host a meeting in an inspiring meeting space. Explore the surrounding magnificent Amsterdam Tourist Attractions and get back to your hotel to have a nap at the comfy beds!

Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam

Javakade 766, Amsterdam, Netherlands

rates from $ 202.4

Experience the buzzing energy of Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam, where two worlds get connected. Kick-start your day with an amazing breakfast or spend a cozy afternoon by grabbing lunch at Café Jakarta. Catch a cocktail glass by heading to the Skybar Malabar at night. Let your soul get refreshed in the wellness center or a sauna, or simply dive into the swimming pool. Reconnecting yourself with nature by making your way to the subtropical garden is another way to recharge yourself. Organize an unforgettable meeting at the meeting space of 245m2 or soak up yourself in some history. Walk right into your room to enjoy the stunning views of IJ and the city from the balcony of Indonesian-impressed décor rooms.

Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam

Herengracht 542-556, Amsterdam, Netherlands

rates from $ 712.3

This masterpiece offers an eclectic mix of sophistication and modern charms with a bunch of nice offers. Enjoy complimentary internet to get connected with your loved ones and enjoy some impeccable room services. Make your way to the fitness center to thrill your muscles or dip deep into an indoor pool to stretch your muscles. Grab a bite of delectable comestibles from one of the on-site restaurants. If you are on a business trip here, no worries, meeting rooms and a business center are also available to serve you. Pamper yourself at the lap of award-winning Guerlain Spa and take advantage of sauna and steam rooms to melt all your worries. This pet-friendly hotel offers non-smoking and well-decorated rooms filled with ultimate comfort.

W Amsterdam

Spuistraat 175, Amsterdam, Netherlands

rates from $ 471.5

Offering a great mix of modern and heritage styles, W Hotel Amsterdam is designed innovatively. Indulge in the signature tasty meals at one of the best restaurants at the W Lounge rooftop overlooking the city lights and the Royal Palace. Dive right into the relaxing and phenomenal rooftop pool and get immediate access to stunning and sparkling nightlife. Disappear somewhere into your dreamy world by taking a rejuvenating massage at the spa or boosting your stamina in the fitness center featuring amazing machines to help you to stay fit, from yoga mats to jumping ropes to weight machines. Experience the true definition of luxury and innovation by staying in the rooms & suites as they are amazingly furnished.

Zoku Amsterdam

Weesperstraat 105, Amsterdam, Netherlands

rates from $ 104.8

Customizable, private, smart! What’s more, do you want in a place you choose to stay? Zoku Amsterdam has all to offer you! Choose your best-loved artwork and hang it in your hotel room or studio apartment. A perfect combo of comfort and perfection all end up at this hotel, where comfy beds always dominate over everything. Let your taste buds savor some healthy meals whose herbs come from the rooftop garden. Start your day with a cup of coffee or treat yourself with a delicious breakfast to keep your batteries charged all day long. Explore the area around, and make your way back to your rooms to get lost in the sweet dreams by diving into the comfort-filled bed!

Leonardo Hotel Amsterdam Rembrandtpark

Staalmeesterslaan 410, Amsterdam, Netherlands

rates from $ 72.1

Sits next to the ring road A10 and the Rembrandt park, this charming Leonardo Hotel Amsterdam is one of the most impressive hotels. After a tiring flight, let your muscles savor some dose of relaxation in the sauna or take a sip of coffee or tea, whatever you prefer, as the tea and coffee facilities are also available. Make your way to the spacious gym to boost your energy or satisfy your tummy by devouring a breakfast and getting into a relaxing shower in a room’s well-equipped bathroom. Get lost in the awesome 360-degree vistas of Amsterdam from the rooftop terrace and savor your palate with some hearty drinks. Wind up all your work on the spacious work desk and enjoy a late-night movie while relaxing on a queen-sized bed.

Best Things To Keep You Entertained!

If you are in Amsterdam for the first time and not sure where to go, we are here for you! We have gathered some best hits for you. Look below!

Van Gogh Museum:

Address: Museumplein 6, 1071 DJ Amsterdam, Netherlands | Phone: +31 20 570 5200

The Netherlands is home to numerous legendary artists. Head to the Vincent Van Gogh museum, where you can catch sights of famous works of artists. If you are planning to feast your eyes on "Sunflowers," make sure you have to grab your tickets a little earlier.

Anne Frank House

Address: Westermarkt 20, 1016 GV Amsterdam, Netherlands | Phone: +31 20 556 7105

One of the most famous attractions of Amsterdam is the Anne Frank House that allures a multitude of visitors to experience the Jewish diarist life by way of a large collection of her videos, photos, personal items, and writing, which was concealed from the Nazis in between World War II. Make sure you have taken your ticket in advance as they are in high demand.


Address: Vondelpark, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Vondelpark, nestled in the Amsterdam-Zuid, is stretching to almost forty-seven hectares of urban green space. This area boasts a playground, an open-air theater, ponds, cycling paths, and shaded areas. As the sun starts to shine over the head, this amazing place instantly starts to serve as a hotspot for sunbathing and an unforgettable midday picnic.


Address: Museumstraat 1, 1071 XX Amsterdam, Netherlands | Phone: +31 20 674 7000

If you are a history buff or an art enthusiast, make a beeline to the heritage of almost eight hundred years, Rijksmuseum chronicles. Here you will catch sight of the mind-blowing work of famous masters such as period artifacts and Rembrandt.

Original Dampkring

Address: Handboogstraat 29, 1012 XM Ahe canamsterdam, Netherlands | Phone: +31 20 638 0705

In Amsterdam, no trip can ever be completed without hitting the coffee shops as it is regarded as one of the most brilliant attractions by some people. And if you are the one who comes under the realm of coffee lovers or just wanna experience cannabis-centered outpost quality, there’s no better place for the first-timers than the Original Dampkring.

Canal Cruise

Address: Prinsengracht 323, 1016 GZ Amsterdam, Netherlands

Wish to take a tour of Amsterdam without heading on the canal cruise? Not good! If you truly want to experience the real Venice Of The North, a canal cruise is the best way. Grab your tickets for a bigger boat, or you can simply choose something a bit intimating, such as Pulitzer Amsterdam private vessel.

Door 74

Address: Reguliersdwarsstraat 74, 1017 BN Amsterdam, Netherlands | Phone: +31 6 34045122

The cocktail scenes in Amsterdam have been exploding immensely for the past few years. This Door 74 will give you a chance to experience fanciful creations with a constantly changing menu and custom tipples.

 Best Hits For Shopping Lovers!

Unless one can go around the shopping outlets and lay their hands on unique stuff, the trip to Amsterdam never seems to be completed. So, here we are with the best options, have a look below!

The Otherist:

Address: Leliegracht 6, 1015 DE Amsterdam, Netherlands | Phone: +31 20 320 0420

The Otherist, one of the quirkiest shops advertising its wares as the vintage finds and contemporary curiosities, has created a business on eccentrics. Head to this place and go after the framed butterflies’ shelves, porcelain skulls, and one-of-a-kind jewelry. No wonder you will be impressed by the uniqueness of this lovely shop.


Address: Prinsengracht 397, 1016 PM Amsterdam, Netherlands | Phone: +31 20 810 0101

If you are a big fan of lights, there’s no better place for you than the 360 volts. As the name indicates, we can bet that most visitors don’t hit this city to get some lights, but once you lay your hands on industrial scones, vintage scissor lamps, and chandeliers, you will become a big fan of these funky varieties.


Address: Van Baerlestraat 30, 1071 AX Amsterdam, Netherlands | Phone: +31 88 400 5403

Looking for someplace where you can find sustainable basics designed by Dutch like skirts, wrap dresses, pieces of denim, and sweaters? Vanilia is the right spot for you. Plus, every time someone sees you and gives out a compliment, you can reply back by saying OH! I purchased it in Amsterdam!

Antiekcentrum Amsterdam

Address: Elandsgracht 109, 1016 TT Amsterdam, Netherlands | Phone: +31 20 624 9038

One of the most colossal and antique markets in the Netherlands is the Antiekcentrum Amsterdam. Here you will find a number of former treasures that will blow your mind. Moreover, the real grabs are homewares, jewelry, ceramics, and art.

De Kaaskamer

Address: Runstraat 7, 1016 GJ Amsterdam, Netherlands | Phone: +31 20 623 3483

If you are a big fan of raw milk gouda, chevre, and Appenzeller, then rejoice because De Kaaskamer has brought all to you. No matter what you wish to have, this great spot is sure to satisfy your tummy, be it an imported cheese or Dutch meal. Moreover, you can also taste tapenades, tasty meats, salads, beer, and wine.


Address: Kerkstraat 161, 1017 GG Amsterdam, Netherlands | Phone: +31 6 40252483

Even if you get a minute without a crowd, you will be sure to love Bloemenmarkt, a fun place. Make your way right to the FlowerLovesMe as it is one of the most captivating shops. Here you can feast your eyes on splendid bouquets.

Neighborhoods You Should Know About:

Grachtengordel (Canal Belt):

Grachtengordel, also called Canal Belt, is usually displayed by the Amsterdam postcards. This amazing neighborhood is known for its waterfront eateries, flamboyant townhomes, upmarket hotels, and Amsterdam tourist attractions such as Anne Frank House.


One of the most demanded neighborhoods in all of Amsterdam is Jordan. The beautiful labyrinth of small lanes, top-notch boutiques, cozy cafes, and canals are all the making up of this mesmerizing neighborhood that makes it one of the best in all Centrum.


Museummkwartier, nestled in the Oud-Zuid borough, promises an array of museums-such as Stedelijk Museum, the Rijksmuseum, and Van Gogh Museum; and the Royal Concertgebouw. Moreover, it also boasts an abundance of fine jewelry stores.

De Pijp:

De Pijp is located to the south of the city center in Amsterdam. Head out to thrill your palate at Albert Cuyp Market and stay here for the retro pubs, modern ateliers, and cool brunch spots.

De Wallen:

De Wallen, if the cobblestones, walls, and much more could talk, they might tell you the tales of them. Red Light Districts' area attracts visitors and offers a sex shop, peep shows, nightclubs, and cannabis cafes.

Amsterdam Weather

When the spring comes around, the elevating temperature and clear blue skies come along. While the summer season is warm and the days are long. Probably, a little bit of humidity you might feel, but you never get irritated by the hotness. Falls come with warmness, whereas the winter is damp, cold, and dark with a higher rate of precipitation.

Take a look below, and you will find the highs and lows of every month:

In January:  The approximate highs and lows are 33  Fahrenheit to 42 Fahrenheit.

In February:  The approximate highs and lows are 33  Fahrenheit to 43 Fahrenheit.

In March: The approximate highs and lows are 36  Fahrenheit to 49 Fahrenheit. 

In April:  The approximate highs and lows are 40  Fahrenheit to 56 Fahrenheit.

In May: The approximate highs and lows are 47  Fahrenheit to 63 Fahrenheit.

In June:  The approximate highs and lows are 52  Fahrenheit to 68 Fahrenheit.

July: The approximate highs and lows are 55  Fahrenheit to 71 Fahrenheit.

In August:  The approximate highs and lows are 55  Fahrenheit to 71  Fahrenheit.

In September:  The approximate highs and lows are 51  Fahrenheit to 66  Fahrenheit.

In October: The approximate highs and lows are 45  Fahrenheit to 58  Fahrenheit.

In November: The approximate highs and lows are 40  Fahrenheit to 49  Fahrenheit.

In December: The approximate highs and lows are 35  Fahrenheit to 44  Fahrenheit.

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