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Brussels – The Land of Exploring Historic Miracles

By Ava Garcia, Posted on 09 Dec, 2021 at 05:27 am

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Travel to Brussels

This historic hub is the capital city of Belgium. This city is the largest historical epicenter of Brussels. This is a land of much elegant architecture and charming antiquity overflowing in every alley and street. The city vibe is difficult to lay your limbs on. Once, it seems a commercial and administration-focused spot, but at the other time, it looks like an attractive and charming spot that calls to explore, like Comic Strip Centre or Manneken Pis.

The contrasted environment and variety of attractions make this city a worth visiting place. It really has many things for everyone and presents the art and architecture of Europe along with many European staples. Thongs of tourist flocks here due to its top-notch world's famous spots including Grand Place, Royales Saint Hubert Galleries, Atomium, Horta Museum, and many more. Don't leave the city without sampling the world's famous beers at Cantillon Brewery or satisfy your craving with the mussels and fries. It is the right time to explore your inner child with the spectacular Brussels Attractions, let’s dive deeper!

Things to Explore in Brussels

Start your exploration with the interesting stuff of the Belgian Comic Strip Museum, then take an excursion of the landmass at Mini Europe. Add some sweetness to your day by tasting chocolate at Les Galleries Royales Saint Hubert. Then step up to explore some miracles of Grand Place or if you’re with the kids, head to the Natural Sciences Museum to admire the historic fossils. Let’s have a look at the Things to Do in Brussels and make your trip memorable!

  1. Grand Place

Grand Place, the heart of Brussels, is a can’t-miss attraction of the city. This is a World UNESCO Heritage Site, presenting lush Medieval and Baroque-like Buildings. Adore fabulous architecture here. This city's central spot leads many attractions of the city like the Cathedral of St. Michael & St. Gudula and at Christmas adored Manneken Pis with the wonders of winter’s night, presenting gigantic Christmas Trees and adore the flowering carpet here.

  1. Cathedral of St. Michael & St. Gudula

This historic cathedral dates back to almost the 11th century and was completed in 300 years. Take advantage of this historic spot and admire spectacular statues, innovative Grenzing structures, windows of stained glass, and the tomb of Romanesque Church that dates back to the 10th century. Out of the cathedral, enjoy the natural view by sitting on benches beneath the trees of honey locusts.

  1. Museum of Musical Instruments

This is one of the best historical places to visit in Brussels, which was established in the 19th century. This spot was the past department store of Old England. This MIM is kept in the building of Art Nouveau and just half miles away from the Grand Place. Thanks to its wide collection of instruments which increase the interest of the tourists. Here you’ll find 4 galleries filled with almost 1,200 instruments collection from all around the world. You can also enjoy the gorgeous rhythms of these instruments. Inside this museum, there is a restaurant vendor panoramic view of the city.

  1. Parc Did Cinquantenaire

This historic site of Brussels was built in honor of Belgium's Independence 50th centenary celebration. Explore the French styling here and bounded museums and triumphal rich gardens. Don't miss the festivals organized by this park every season, which include world-class concerts, games, fireworks, and more!

  1. Les Galleries Royales Saint Hubert

It’s time to shop some gifts for your loved ones at this 1800s old Renaissance design building. This worth seeing spot having glass roof is well known as Brussels’s Umbrella,” it is a point which has it all. From clothes to bonbons to gold, you can amuse every store with a huge variety of stuff. Because of its lush arcade and gigantic stores collection, almost 6 million tourist flocks here every season. Plus, you can enjoy delicious foods at different eateries, or can admire art at art galleries and can see your favorite shows at cinemas, or enjoy performances in theaters. This is a most enjoyable spot, even Victor Hugo once hanged out at this point.

  1. Horta Museum

If you are a history enthusiast, this spot is for you! This museum offers the chance to admire the art of Victor Horta, who was the founder of Nouveau's art movement. This was the place where Victor Horta lived and drove and was constructed expectedly in 1898 or 1901. Let's come and explore the wonderful murals, large mosaics, and stained glass. Keep exploring and keep your eyes out for the influences of Victor Horta. From the skylight to snaky banisters, above headlights hold down from top limit creepers; every bit is worth seeing.

  1. Cantillon Brewery

If you want to boost your pleasures, sample some beers at Cantillon Brewery. It is a worth visiting spot; without tasting unique beers here, your trip isn't complete. Since 1900, this brewery has presented different Belgian traditional beets; some are Lambic beer, Gueuze, Kriek, and Faro beer. To see the first-hand action, you can't miss the public season of Beers, so you can know about the bottling, fermentation, and cleaning of beers.

  1. Mini Europe

Explore this melodious park with the 350 European Models and most attractive landmarks. Start exploration with replicas of Athens' Acropolis and Venice’s Canals to the Big Ben of London and then boast your pleasures by visiting a replica of Effie Towers Paris' with the same sounds and visual effects. Take a drive to the different mini-parks along with your kids and explore the interaction like Mount Nepal’s Vesuvius and Wall’s Berlin.

  1. Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium

Discover this six-art museum pack and add this iconic spot to your itinerary. This historic site has many art-worthy museums like the Museum of Old masters, Meunier Museum, Wertz Museum, Modern Museum, Magritte Museum, and Museum of Fin-de-Siecle. These museums offer almost 20,000 collections dating back from the 15th century. Explore the work of Rubens, Gauguin, Rodin, Magritte, and much more displayed in the hall.

  1. Royal Armed Force and Military History Museum

Want to explore the miracles of defending force? Head to this military past spot. Spend a great afternoon with the past 10 century-old global military heritage. Discover weapons, airplanes, and uniforms on display. Spend worthy time in the airplanes hanger and explore F-16s, zeppelins, and almost 130 more aircraft.

  1. Natural Sciences Museum

Spend a fair amount of time with the 39 million samples on display. This is a perfect place for dinosaur and Science lovers. Discover the world's largest natural antiquity collection, and don't miss the gallery full of dinosaurs and almost 30 skeletons of iguanodon, discovered in 1878, Belgium. And don't forget to keep your eyes out to see the world's largest and complete well-known male T.rex.

  1. Atomium

Discover this can’t-miss spot, built-in 1958 for the World’s Fair. This is a 100 billion old portrayal of an iron crystal. Now, this spot hosts many exhibitions, having out-classed eateries with panoramic views, or you can see the sightseeing view of the city from here. This is also a symbol of Brussels and Belgium.

  1. Eglise Notre-Dame Du Sablon

Visit this one of the more unique places in Brussels– built in the 14th century – now is a worth visiting spot. This Church has two chantries enthusiastic to Saints and well decorated marvel statues. And don't miss to click some pictures with the St. Paul statue and St. Augustine statue.

  1. Belgian Comic Strip Center

While this birthplace of many legendary Comics like Tintin, Smurf, and 700 more amusing strip artists, pays tribute to them in the form of gigantic museums. This center is the storytelling point of many European comedians from their early stages to the recent day by presenting many permanent and short-term collections on display and almost 600 works collections in the Comic Strip Library. It’s is a point to learn about all the stages of comics.

  1. Manneken-Pis

Explore this public cascade which features the bronze statue of Manneken Pis (Little Man pee). This state is actually the replica, but the original was built in the 17th century. This spot is at the South arm of Grand Place and has been addressed 800 varieties of costumes; most of them are also displayed in the Brussels Museum.

  1. Train World

Head to the Train World, which is just 3 miles away from the Grand Place. Discover the heritage of restored stations of trains which date back to the 1800s or 1900s century. Explore the railway history of Belgium here, and see the steam engine or know the reason why people use trains for traveling.

Hotels for Your Stay:

This city warmly welcomes thongs of tourists in all seasons. And offers many out-class hotels for the stay. So, there is no need to think about your stay and explore this historic hub by dropping your bags at different top-notch hotels.

Atlas Hotel Brussels

Rue Du Vieux Marché Aux Grains 30, Brussels, Belgium

rates from $ 117.6

This Downtown Brussels hotel has unique single, double, and twin rooms to unpack your bags with all the comforts. Enjoy your drinks and snacks at the laid-back hall sitting area. This spot is ideally located in many city sightseeing attractions, like a few minutes away from Grand Place.

Hotel Le Plaza Brussels

Boulevard Adolphe Max 118-126, Brussels, Belgium

rates from $ 117.1

Enjoy luxuries in the formal suites and rooms of this hotel. Keep in touch with your friends by using free WIFI. And you can exercise in the gym or the hotel. And can enjoy your night by sipping beers in the bar of the hotel. This hotel has all the amenities that you want on your itinerary.

pentahotel Brussels City Centre

Chaussee De Charleroi 38, Brussels, Belgium

rates from $ 115.1

Excite your trip by reserving Penta Hotel, presenting funky rooms. Tickle your taste buds at a hip restaurant. Sips Belgian beers and mélanges in the bar or enjoys a free collection of blockbusters and films on the flat-screen TV in your rooms. The hotel is surrounded by many cafeterias and eateries near Loise Metro Station, so you can easily take a ride to your favorite spot.

Rocco Forte Hotel Amigo

Rue De L'amigo 1-3, Brussels, Belgium

rates from $ 289.8

This top-notch hotel presents comfy rooms with theme-based suites. Enjoy your night at an elegant bar or taste delicious Italian foods in the eatery. Celebrate your events or fix your meeting at the Meeting & Event Area of this hotel.

Rocco Forte Hotel Amigo

Rue De L'amigo 1-3, Brussels, Belgium

rates from $ 289.8

Enjoy different kinds of seafood at the acclaimed eatery and host your event in 18 different meetings and event celebrating areas. Your fitness is the priority, so keep fit by gyming at this hotel's gym and fitness club, pampering yourself by taking messages in the sauna area of this hotel.

This city is full of wonders and innovation - the things you find today will become totally changed tomorrow. So, every bit of this city is worth exploring. From European history holding museums to the delicious candy shop, every spot has unique activities and things for everyone.

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