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Prague-Step in the World of Gothic Cathedrals & Castle City of Czech Republic!

By Ava Garcia, Posted on 19 Sep, 2021 at 05:39 am

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Prague-Step in the World of Gothic Cathedrals & Castle City of Czech Republic!

Prague, capital of Historic Bohemia, now known as the Czech Republic, Europe, is of great historical events and eras! This gorgeous land is famous for its stunning yet well-preserved historical castles, Gothic cathedrals, Baroques, and many other historical landmarks that define its cultural and historical importance. The architecture here is jaw-dropping, and the cultural heritages here make this place a final destination for the art-lovers!

And that's not the end here, mate! The place has so much to offer its tourists. Who can forget the everlasting impressions of the iconic Prague Castle, the 14th-century Charles Bridge, the famous yet peculiar Prague Astronomical Clock around 600 years old, and yes, the stunning and remarkable St. Vitus Cathedral of Prague flaunting its phenomenal exterior architectural designs!

Concluding just a handful of sights and landmarks, it’s no wonder that people love touring this place for its numerous historical sites that hold the essence of Renaissance, Gothic and Baroque eras.

Things to See and Do in Prague:

Before you jump off towards your journey here, let’s give you a quick yet rich glimpse of what awaits you in this magnificent city of the Czech Republic:

What’s waiting for you in Prague?

Keeping a check on the main landmarks of the place that offer some of the best yet bold views of the architectural masterpieces here, this place has many small-sized servings of stunning cathedrals, baroque, churches, a completely well-preserved historic center, and what not! The place offers so much to unravel, and the ambiance of the city is well-defined and phenomenal!

And that's not the end here to this city; there's your culinary experience left behind that you'll experience in this exquisite land. The city offers you its famous Chlebíčky, Grilované klobásy, Palačinky and not to forget the ever-famous Svíčková for its exotic ride of bursting and mouthwatering taste. Do not waste a single second! Plan your trip here and book the best hotels in Prague this summer!

Places to Visit in Prague:

Before you keep a check on google for which places are the best fit for tourism here, we'll love to share reviews and opinions of our experts, which will give you the best essence of this place to achieve the best memories and an unforgettable experience in your first attempt here! Read on below to grasp the perfect suggestions hand-tailored for you:

The Iconic Castles:

It’s no wonder that this city should be given the title of “second Disney Land” for its numerous amounts of castles! Starting from the iconic Prague Castle to the Vysehrad to the Karlstejn Castle, Prague has so much to offer for its dominating castle exteriors and stunning interiors, which decipher the depths of the relating era!

Charles Bridge:

This iconic 14th-century statue is one of the most common yet stunning landmarks in Prague for taking small doses of the architectural masterpieces here. The various statues located on the small secondary pillars here on both sides of the bridge have enhanced its beauty by every definition!

St. Vitus Cathedral:

This astounding Roman period cathedral is one of the top-rated sites in the city, serving a huge mass of overwhelming Roman-Gothic architecture, and is the largest cathedral ever to be built in the whole country! The interior is jaw-dropping, and the ambiance here is quite well-maintained.

How to Get Around the City?

Halt! Hold your horses right there! Prague city might be tempting for you at first glance, but it's important to note that to travel most places here in the least of the timeframes, you might fall short of a suitable commute for your tours here. Let's start off with that too:

Via Metro and Trams:

Traveling in this historical city and opting for metro and tram routes is one of the fastest ways you might avail yourself. The metro here has comfortable seating and is not usually crowded, even though 2/3 of the population here picks this mode of commute for their day-to-day travels. Whereas the rest of the 1/3 population here either picks buses or decides to go on foot.

Via Buses:

Buses are also a popular option in Prague and are usually taken for places on which there’s no facility for metro or trams. The fare of buses here is quite affordable and also features a direct route to the airport facility for tourists.

Best Hotels to Book for Your Trip:

Looking for a perfect comfy place for temporary stays for a tour here in Prague? Well, then you've come to the right spot, mate! Let's introduce you to our below mentioned hand-picked Praga Hotels serving you the best of the Czech Republic:

Urban Creme Prague:

Located in the Na Porici region of Prague, this exquisite hotel offers its guests a wide array of options which includes its spacious bedrooms, with stunning interior décor, fitness centers, and a luxe buffet breakfast table serving a wide variety of local and international cuisines.

Hotel Don Giovanni Praga:

Situated just adjacent to the Zelivskeho Metro Station, this hotel offers its guests a diverse range of accommodational options of the spa which can be availed at an additional cost, a garden for fresh environments, a luxury buffet experience of American breakfast each morning, and the restaurant here offers its guests a rich taste of Mediterranean cuisines along with free cold starters! If not this, then grab yourself a perfectly brewed mug of coffee goodies, local snacks to stuff your stomach, or you can also order off your favorite Czech beer!

Hotel Aurus Prague:

Located in the area of Karlova, this hotel of Prague is located in the most central region of the city and is well-known for its modern yet elegant interiors, spacious bedrooms, and serves the best possible views of the historic Old Town Square and the iconic Charles Bridge. Built on a 16th-century old building with stunning olden architectural designs, this place is one of the best ones to serve you with local Czech Republic vibes!

Vienna House Prague:

Located close to the iconic city center, this hotel in Prague is famous for its locally produced sushi at the Japanese restaurant and serves its guests a personal minibar in every hotel room and a luxe grand bar with some serious decors; serving a much wider bar selection to go for!

Hotel Noir Prague:

Situated in the Legerova 35 area, this iconic hotel in Prague is your go-to place for casual stays offering extensive accommodational services of spacious luxury bedrooms having a personal minibar, a grand lobby bar, and an exquisite yet delicious breakfast buffet is served every day!

In a nutshell, Prague is your one-way destination to the medieval times mixed with the cultures of the modern era that have made two different vortices of different eras and most importantly, the place offers you to enjoy both of them! Indulge yourself in this sprawling yet historical city of renaissance and gothic periods that are sure to leave you in awe.

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