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Cheap places to travel in Europe

By Nick K, Posted on 08 Oct, 2021 at 12:58 pm

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Cheap places to travel in Europe

Whenever we think of visiting Europe, what arrives in our mind is that this isn't a cheap place to visit but little do you know that if you get creative with your vacation ideas, you can get most of the place at much cheaper costs! You are surprised, aren't you? Well, you aren't the only one who is! By avoiding the hot spots for tourism, you can get most of the European cities. Let's start off with this epic journey of cheap tourism in Europe:

 Porto, Portugal

Visit Porto

Considered as the number one cheapest destination is Portugal, Europe for tourism and vacations, this city is gaining popularity for its affordable visits and stays. You can travel by train from Porto to Lisbon for as little as €30. Arriving here in Porto doesn't mean that this inexpensive destination has nothing to offer to its visitors; you can find here the topmost attractions such as Dom Luís Bridge, the Porto Cathedral, and the iconic Crystal Palace Gardens!

One of the main things that makes this place a topmost attraction in Europe is that many of the tourist hotspots are free to visit! It can get better than this! Read on below to know the cheapest countries to visit in Europe:

Prague, Czech Republic


Prague is one of the most visited cities in the Czech Republic and stands 2nd in the list of cheapest European destinations for tourism and vacations.

The old town square, Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Prague Astronomical Clock, St. Vitus Cathedral are some of the topmost attractions for tourists.

This city is loaded with hundreds of cathedrals, castles, and churches that demonstrate the finest architecture of the Gothic period. You can even find in here many historic underground Dungeon built in the castle! Even the museum here flaunts its stunning architecture and exterior design to visitors.

Valencia, Barcelona


Famous for its paella, which is the national seafood dish of the city, Valencia ranks third in the list of cheapest European destinations and has the most temperate climate in its whole region! The breathtaking architecture of Valencia makes this city of Barcelona stand out from the rest of the European cities; one of the most thrilling architectural buildings is the Spanish Modernista Architecture which is the perfect combination of art nouveau and art deco style. Here, you can find many medieval architectural buildings and breathtaking riverbed parks alongside its numerous shopping centers and comfortable mode of commute via metro or Railways.

Tallinn, Estonia:


A city in Estonia; popular for its well-preserved architecture of medieval times. The old town here in Tallinn is a UNESCO World Heritage, and the city of Estonia flaunts off the most scenic Baltic Sea views. The old town here has the most beautiful cobblestone streets, and the museums here are rich in their diversifying cultural and historical past.

Zagreb, Croatia:


Ranking 5th in the list of the cheapest tourism destination in Europe, the city of Russia is the topmost attraction to be covered on foot! Yes, you heard that right! The city is best discovered on foot, where you can visit the Lotrscak Tower, the iconic Zagreb Cathedral, and the Museum of Broken Relationships, which is a complete catalog of famous breakups from around the world. Sounds funny right?

Budapest, Hungary


Ranking the 6th in the list of most affordable tourism cities in Europe, the capital city of Hungary is famous for its Heroes’ Square and Danube River. Budapest is a popular tourism destination, one of the best places to visit, and stroll around its topmost tourist sites for free! This city has some of the best hotel deals for tourists all year round, contributing to it as the cheapest city in Hungary to visit.

Athens, Greece


Ranking as the 7th topmost cheapest city tour travel to Europe, Athens is mainly known for its Greek architecture and history. And you can decipher that from its name, which is named after the famous Greek goddess Athena and perhaps it's no big Wonder that the temple of Athena here is the topmost attraction for tourism along with the temple of Zeus.

This city is best traveled on what where you can literally observe every historical destination located just a few minutes walk away! The museums here and the historic temples of Gods and Goddesses have made this city one of the best ones to be traveled in Greece! While traveling here in Athens, you will save up a lot of pennies as you won't be needing public transportation here much for visiting at topmost attractions and sites.

Seville, Spain


We all know that Spain is already a hotspot for tourism for its diverse culture and history. Ranking 9th in the list of best cheap European vacation sites, the city of Seville, Spain, is an affordable tourism attraction that flaunts off its Real Alcázar, Catedral de Sevilla, and the topmost Downtown region of the city featuring a hub of many explorable areas and cobblestone streets.

Istanbul, Turkey


Who doesn't know about this place? It is one of the most popular places for its mosque and Islamic Sufism depicting a diverse architecture of modern and historical periods. The mosques here exhibit their Ottoman Empire-era architecture, whereas the nearby Palace and museum have so much to tell you about the history of Muslims and Christians that lived here.

In a nutshell, Europe has some of the best attractions and explorable countries that are cheap but famous for their local historical attractions and Hotel stays. Some of the hotels here in Europe only cost €200 per night for a five-star hotel which is the most economical value for a luxury suite—thinking of a place to visit for your family or honeymoon trip? Consider planning a trip to Europe for your next travel!

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